Ready-to-move-in, or under construction homes? This pivotal question has always been a prominent feature in most house-hunting scenarios. On most levels, it’s purely subjective. Based on your personal preference, you should pick a prospective home that fits your time frame and budget, from selection to handover. 

That being said, making informed decisions is crucial before signing on to anything. Market research reveals a unique trend: the increased popularity of ready-to-occupy flats over under-construction properties among the prospective homeowner base. Through this article, let’s take a look at the underlying reasons behind this trend. Should it affect your decision as a future homeowner or not? Let’s find out!

The Cost Inflation Of Construction

– As of early 2022, developers are facing higher costs for raw materials in construction projects.

– The price surge of 20% for essential construction materials like steel & cement has spurred developers to change things up in the pricing department.

– Combined with other factors like high liquidity, debt and the financial strain of the pandemic, developers are looking for sustainable workarounds for the projected increase of overhead costs (8-9% by year-end).

It’s vital to understand that this doesn’t invalidate under-construction projects. The increased margin is a market speed bump. It should not dissuade you from having a home built the way you envision it. If you’re more concerned about convenience, though, there is a viable option to ride this surge out.


Ready-to-occupy homes are a popular option due to:

Time flexibility: Ideal for people who aren’t able to allocate time to oversee construction.

–  Streamlined process: No worrying about fittings and amenities once the handover is complete.

–  Relatively economical: You pay a fixed price for high-quality finishing, saving you money in terms of overhead costs.

We are firm believers in the viability of ready-to-occupy properties, catering to our clients’ specific needs every step of the way. Our properties at Bhuvi are a prime example of Amsha’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Interested in booking your own ready-to-move home? Contact us today!