Amsha emerged with the collaboration and like-minded idea of two enthusiastic individuals who come from a family of entrepreneurs. With a remarkable history and expertise working in the IT area, Mr. Abbavaram Vinod Kumar Reddy and Mrs. G. Kokila began venturing into the real estate company with one goal- to construct various homes of great value for people from all walks of life.

Transparency in all dealings is the cornerstone of Amsha. We ensure that every client is kept fully abreast of all details right from the very beginning. Now, what does that entail for us and our customers?

The Need for Transparency:

The customer is the king. Businesses exist because customers exist. Hence, it is of utmost importance that customers know what they are signing up for.

Governments and public entities increasingly understand that the real estate business plays a significant role in a city’s prosperity. It assists in creating a more competitive, efficient, and flexible environment for enterprises and contributes to improved quality of life and establishing a more sustainable future for its residents.

India has improved its standing by five places to take the 35th rank in the global real estate transparency index compared to its 40th position in the 2014 global real estate transparency index. Thanks to the legislation of the Indian Government. From pricing to ownership, transparency and openness are expanding at every vertical of real estate. Now clients may know what they are paying for. According to RERA standards, they can understand the actual space of the property they acquire. As the realty industry was going through a roller coaster ride, something was essential to enhance efficiency, transparency, financial discipline, and responsibility.

Here is a rundown on the factors we enable to ensure that you know everything you need to know when making a real-estate purchase decision with us.

Factors that aid to transparency:

Registered Apartment

It is vitally crucial to register your property since, without this document, you might lose control of your property. If your property is unregistered, you don’t possess any legal validity. Even if you’ve acquired the property and have all the other documentation, anybody can raise a legal dispute if you don’t have the registration documents. Amsha ensures every apartment provided is registered and ensures no legal issues on the apartment.

Legal documents

Registering a property legalizes that you have complete and legitimate ownership of the property, and it gives you the deed of possession of the property. An unregistered property cannot be regarded as evidence in any legal proceedings. That is where legal documents come into safety which safeguards your property and provides a legal backup for you in case of any disputes. Amsha ensures the paperwork is transparent, accurate and abreast with all legal requirements. Our clients do not have to run around to multiple lawyers to cross check.

Priced based on the features & USPs

Every property is different, and so are the features and amenities they provide. Any builders or property owners should be transparent about the pricing of their property. It gives all the rights to the buyer to know where he spent the money and what amenities are being provided to him for the price he pays. We provide customers detailed knowledge on the site and its amenities. We communicate clearly with customers to ensure their satisfaction and there are no hidden costs!

The Bottom Line

Buying a property is a big step in every person’s life. You need to be mindful and make the best choice for your future with complete knowledge of what you are signing up for. Being transparent is not just core to Amsha’s business ethics but also our motto. With thorough background work, legality ensured and the most affordable price range, Amsha helps you take the next big step of your life.