Actual floor plan of a West facing 2 BHK unit @Block-A, 1st Floor.

Buying a home is a milestone, but the journey does not end there. One has to undertake the responsibility of building a home by making the necessary decisions about the flooring, roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc. 

Since such projects, especially choosing an ideal floor plan, are not a cakewalk, a clear vision and professional planning are required. However, a few tips shall help one choose the perfect floor plan while considering a plethora of factors.

1. Aim for Proper Measurements 

It is advisable to choose a floor plan with correct measurements to make better use of the space. Ensure that the builder has measured along the baseboard the length of one wall while considering the room’s doorways and window sizes. 

2. Ensure a Seamless Flow 

The best way to check the flow of the floor plan is by envisioning it. Ensure that the flow of the house plan makes it easier for one to get through the rooms with convenience. One must skip the floor plans that might be a hassle for the family members to either get privacy or move around the house. 

3. Personal Requirements 

Addressing one’s requirements regarding the layout can be beneficial to get a more refined final result. To get a better floor plan, one must envision the number of rooms and stories and discuss it with the constructor or builder. 

4. Ratio of Open and Closed Spaces

If open spaces are a priority, floor plans with an open concept would be more suitable. Ensure that the rooms connect internally as well as to the outer space for an immaculate layout. 


While choosing floor plans can get confusing and vexing, the right choices can elevate the overall layout of the house. Pay attention to the details, and utilize the floor plans to create an ideal setting.