Luxury homes can never go out of style. The ₹1Cr+ luxury apartments are not only becoming increasingly popular for their “luxury” status but also for many other factors that certainly make them worth the hype and the price.

Here are a few reasons why:

Increased security

The superior security that these properties have, whether it be through technological security installations or skilled security staff, is one of the most significant factors influencing consumers’ decisions to purchase luxury residences.

Added comfort

Today, people need amenities like gyms, swimming pools, gardens, underground parking, modular kitchens, enormous clubhouses, yoga centers, etc. to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle which these ₹1Cr+ luxury apartments offer.

Better neighborhoods

Luxury residences are the ideal places for adults to socialize and children to grow. These houses and neighborhoods are a mix of cultures and religions, offering more sense of belonging and a great environment for children to grow up in.

Modern living

The ultra-modern lifestyle that these opulent residences offer is an appealing reason for buying them. Technologically enabled security systems, home automation systems, sustainable designs, and other futuristic features attract the younger generations, in particular, to opt for luxury apartments.

Financial investment

Real estate is a great investment opportunity in today’s market. Luxury apartments are regarded as a performing asset in real estate and have a good appreciation rate for the future.


The ₹1Cr+ Luxury apartments with their extensive amenities, attractive designs, increased security, and investment value can surely contribute to why they are making the headlines and why they will retain their popularity status for more days to come.