The pandemic has forced the entire country to dawn on a new normal. From intermittent lockdowns to work-from-home transitions, the country has seen its share of turmoil. Along with the working class, children, too, had been affected by the pandemic, forcing them to spend their days within the walls of their homes.  This transition had sparked the need for child-centric homes and realtors are jumping in on the trend. Such child-centric projects are seeing exceptional growth across Indian metros with 40 to 45 percent of gated communities being child-centric.

But is the model sustainable in the long run? How does it affect your home-buying decision?

The growing need 

Child-centric homes are now getting widely popular with working professionals in Indian metros. Many feel that child-centric homes have become a necessity as many fear for the health of their children and do not want them to go out of their societies. Parents have stressed the need for outdoor activities during the pandemic and feel that child-centric properties should help their children enjoy the outdoors rather than spending hours in front of the TV or smartphones. Citing safety concerns majority of these properties come with CCTVs installed which can help parents to monitor their children directly from an app.

A word of caution

However, for the sake of child-centric homes, realtors are often charging a premium. Many experts have pointed out that this premium seems to become irrelevant after a few years of purchasing the properties. Reasons for caution?

• Children-centric amenities tend to become irrelevant after a few years as they grow up.

• Unmaintained amenities break down or deteriorate over time causing hazardous conditions.

• Also, children are often accompanied by members of their families like mothers, grandparents, etc and such amenities    should also be geared towards their convenience and comfort.

Parting words

Your child can do great things with just a little motivation. Despite a few shortcomings, like all things in life, child-centric homes facilitate this transformation by supporting children with all the modern amenities to help them grow and develop into exemplary citizens.