A healthy habit is one that adds value to any aspect of your life like physical, mental or emotional wellness. This can include taking up a new physically engaging activity or adding more nutrient-rich food into your diet. Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle should allow you to grow, develop and thrive in all walks of your life. If every activity we perform, internally and eternally, reflects an inner peace of mind, they collectively add up to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the areas in which developing a completely healthy lifestyle can help.

Physical wellbeing

It goes without saying that incorporating at least half an hour of physical activities, skipping junk food and adding more nutrients to your meals can go a long way in keeping one physically fit. This includes losing or gaining weight to reach a person’s ideal BMI and improving metabolism to a healthy rate. All of this, when combined, can improve a person’s self-confidence like no other. If you manage to inculcate this habit in your children at a young age, it can completely eliminate body image issues that can otherwise hamper their self-confidence.

In addition to this, focussing on a person’s physical wellbeing helps their brain release feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin. 

Mental wellbeing

Any activity that contributes to your inner peace of mind should definitely be included in your daily routine. This could be meditation, taking up a hobby, learning to play an instrument or anything else that takes you away from the mundaneness of school, college and office work. While this may not have a tangible impact, it goes a long way in improving a person’s mood and improving their perspective as a result of interacting outside their social circle.

Another contributor to mental health is doing a digital detox, wherein a person stays away from  electronic devices and simply focuses on interacting and socialising with people. While this might seem insignificant for our older readers, this is really important for digital natives, children born after 2000, to take some time off screens and digital content. This benefits their cognitive abilities greatly and allows them to perform better at other activities.

Emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is often improved when we go out of our way to make a contribution to a person or people in need. These activities can also include joining activities such as locality cleanups, tutoring deserving school children and other socially benefitting activities. Studies have shown that individuals who contribute effectively towards the growth of their community have fulfilling and content lives.

A healthy lifestyle is one that strikes the right balance between the three areas of wellness that we have mentioned above. However, creating the time and space to follow through with these can be a tall order. That is why, at Bhuvi by Amsha, we have looked at apartments beyond considering them as just living spaces. We have amenities such as running tracks, sports courts, meditation rooms and temperature-controlled pools that can make ‘healthy lifestyle’ a second nature for our residents. Get in touch with us to know more about our amenities.