Everyone dreams of buying a home someday in their life. It is an essential component of a well-balanced portfolio and is bound to give returns in the long run. Let us understand why youngsters today consider it an attractive investment opportunity!

Long-term rise in price of real estate

The simple economic rule of demand and supply dictates that price of land will only increase over time as it is a finite resource. This has been reflected through the fact that the property values in the seven major cities in India have risen steadily over the last ten years. Acquisition of an asset at a young age increases financial stability multifold in the long run. There is also more time to appreciate and enjoy the property over the years. 

A side hustle

Compared to many other investment options like gold and equity, real estate has the added advantage of generating rent as an additional source of income. 

Tax benefits

Usually, a loan is availed to secure a home, and this comes with a range of tax benefits on the interest paid and the loan’s principal amount. 

Longer tenure thus lower EMI

A loan at a young age opens up options to take longer to repay the loan, lowering the monthly installment amount. 


As the years pass by, the loan amount becomes a smaller portion of the income due to salary hikes and inflation. The EMI amount becomes less of a burden, and some opt for preclosing the loan depending on their financial commitments. 

An asset at such a young age is undoubtedly a confidence boost and is a preferred investment option by smart millennials today!