Summer season is right around the corner, making it the ideal time to plan your vacations and social activities. However, with the ongoing pandemic, the concept of summer hangouts has changed on a fundamental level. Can you celebrate the spirit of summer while also adhering to safe distancing and safety protocol? We’re here to reassure you that the answer is yes, with some creative suggestions to spice up your summer. Let’s dive right in!

Summer 2022 Scenario

Daily life as we know it is limping back to normalcy in 2022. With more people vaccinated, businesses and social spots are opening up again, albeit with strict safety measures and limited occupancy. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of broad activities you can engage in this summer, for a great time!

Innovative Summer Hangout Ideas

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Virtual Hangouts: Stay in touch with your friends through online trivia nights or jam sessions. You can also catch the latest OTT film releases through watch parties. Stay connected!

Join recreational clubs: Since the pandemic, people have turned to sites like FB to connect with groups with similar interests. Book clubs, cycling clubs, and more schedule meetups often. You can spend your summer making new like-minded friends!

Do some restaurant-hopping: Relaxations on lockdowns have encouraged new restaurants to set up shop across the country. Since crowds aren’t a problem, you and your friends can go check them out at your leisure! 

Visit culture fairs: With lesser restrictions on social gatherings, you can register to visit book fairs, fitness camps, and awareness drives for causes you care about. Learn something new, perhaps!

Long drives/weekend getaways: If you’re not driving to work, might as well get some use out of the car and go on a weekend retreat to a less-popular tourist spot!

A Summer To Remember

Summer is a time of fun, good vibes, and greater memories. Despite the limitations currently in place, we can still socialize & enjoy ourselves with a little creativity. What are your summer plans this year? Share your unique ideas in the comments!