It’s that time of year again when we gear up to cool down and enjoy our summer vacations! Our travel plans might be a distant dream thanks to the ongoing pandemic, but what’s to say we can’t enjoy summer in style at home? With the decor ideas listed in this article, you’ll be all set to transform your home into a sublime summer paradise. Ready to discover this new world?

The Summer Vibe

The first thing you want to address is the general aesthetic of the room. Few things say summer like a trendy colour palette of beach colours. 

Opt for shades of cool blue, golden yellow and teal to lend a splendid summer vibe to the whole room. 

In terms of patterns, opt for stripes, dots and other shapes that are synonymous with the vibrance and energy of summer.

Furniture & Decor

Summer aesthetics rely significantly on maximum natural light, so switch out your heavy curtain sheets for natural sheers or light cotton curtains.

Wooden furniture embodies a beach house aesthetic to perfection. Experiment with the different furniture sets to shake things up!

Floral decor (whether artificial or authentic) is a sure-fire way to spruce up your interiors with a summer look and feel.

Summer is about getting some sun and connecting with nature, so it goes without saying that lush greenery will fit right into that summer vibe. 

Revamp your patio/verandah/balcony into a hangout corner! Set up some chairs and serve up coconut water at the counter to cool off in the summer heat.

Introduce some summer scents into your home with some potpourri and other scented accessories.

Wondering what to do about the walls and surfaces? Bamboo, rattan and ombre are your best friends. For desks, you can throw in some pebbles and plants to spice things up.

Summer In Style

All it takes is a little experimentation to bring summer vibes to your home! What are your summer decor hacks? Tell us in the comments!