A UN report stated that by 2025, 20% of the human population will be directly affected by water scarcity. To optimise water consumption and management, communities have begun to implement smart water management solutions in their residential buildings.

Using real-time data, AI and the power of Internet of Things (IoT) communities can track, monitor and manage water levels being stored and used to help conserve maximum water in communities and efficient water management.

What is smart water management?

Smart water management (SWM) is the use of hardware and software integrated systems powered by IoT, that can monitor, control and regulate water usage and quality in water resources. It uses sensors, meters, data visualisation and management tools, web and mobile accessible controls that link people with the water systems.

This lets them in on data and information about the water systems to take necessary measures to save water consumption and even make repairs and maintenance for water systems and equipment.

WEGoT AQUA Solutions for Smart Water Management

WEGoT AQUA uses LoRa for long-range connectivity with sensors, smart meters and water monitoring systems.

Ultrasonic Sensors are able to find and control water pressure in distribution pipelines, water levels in storage tanks, quality of the water and also keep a check on the equipment’s wear and tear. This can aid timely repairs and schedule maintenance.

Smart meters and monitoring systems give real-time information on water usage, patterns and help make predictions for future needs.

WEGoT AQUA Key Features for Smart Water Management

Essential functions of WEGoT AQUA are mainly focused on conserving water and optimising water utilisation in communities.

  • Sensors at every unlet in the house help to monitor water consumption and can detect up to 0.1 LPM.
  • Users can track supply from every source using real-time data obtained from sensors and smart meters. These data can help make tiny decisions and predict water needs for the future based on patterns.
  • Visualised data based on the devices make it easier for communities to take necessary measures.
  • Leakage alarms can detect leakage with the help of installed sensors and notify users in the app. By fixing even small leaks, communities can save gallons of water in individual houses.
  • The app also holds secure payment gateways to help you pay bills and vendors. You can also track tanker lorries and pay them in the app. This is useful for smart water management in big communities.
  • Revolutionising Water Conservation in Communities

    Amsha builders have worked with versatile building projects by implementing forward technology and solutions. Smart Water Management Solutions installed by Amsha at communities helps residents and owners optimise water usage and manage water utility services efficiently.