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Though it may seem like building castles in the sky, the “perfect home” is an actual thing.  With some meticulous planning and execution, you’ll have a home that’s perfect to move in just the way you like it! The ideal ready-to-occupy homes cover all the bases for holistic living, wrapping it all up in a neat package! At Amsha Builders, we pride ourselves on our flagship offering, Bhuvi By Amsha, being one such prime offering in Bengaluru! Come discover the world of amenities on offer at Bhuvi By Amsha in this article!

Bhuvi By Amsha: The Best Bengaluru Life

The benefits of being a homeowner at Bhuvi By Amsha are manifold, from the location to the onsite amenities. Let’s take a tour of the lifestyle that awaits you at Bhuvi By Amsha!

Ideal Location: Bhuvi By Amsha is situated just off of the Outer Ring Road in Bengaluru’s booming Marathahalli neighborhood. This places Bhuvi By Amsha at an optimum distance from the city’s top-notch facilities. It’s the perfect distance away from the city’s bustle while still being well-connected through the ORR!

World-Class Amenities: The range of amenities at Bhuvi By Amsha offer something for individuals across age groups!

     –  A temperature-controlled swimming pool for all-weather recreation

     –  International-standard tennis & badminton courts for sports buffs

     –  Dedicated children’s play area for the little bundles of joy.

–  Spacious Homes: Bhuvi By Amsha offers both 2BHK and 3BHK apartments for diverse living arrangements, catering to different family needs. You’ll find your patch of heaven among our 232 luxury apartments for sure!

Ready-to-occupy Contemporary Housing: The residential blocks at Bhuvi By Amsha embody a modern architectural style, perfect for diverse age groups. From exterior to interior design, we’ve left no stone unturned to guarantee a pristine living experience for all!

Living in Harmony

Our properties at Bhuvi By Amsha are among the most viable residential options in Bengaluru at present. We at Amsha are 100% committed to guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction from booking to handover. To experience Bengaluru living in the best possible way, contact us today!