With the pandemic finally coming to an end, we are all looking for an opportunity to travel.  The upcoming rainy season has many of us packing our bags and looking forward to getting that well-deserved break. Will the rain be a spoilsport? Don’t fret! We have you covered with some useful tips for traveling in rainy weather. 

Packing essentials

There is a good chance you will get absolutely drenched in the rain. So, in addition to packing a raincoat, Waterproof bags are a good idea to protect your electronic items. Additionally, foldable umbrellas and clothes that dry easily are must-haves on a monsoon trip. Stay away from thick denim fabrics and opt for lightweight synthetic wear which dries easily. 

Throw in a couple of indoor games while packing as you never know when you might decide to just enjoy the rain indoors with a cup of tea. 

Monsoon is when pesky insects are in abundance, hence, insect repellents, first aid kits, and basic medicines will come in handy. 

Look for Deals

Not everyone’s spirits soar with the rain. So, this is the best time to scout online for good deals and off-season packages that are pocket–friendly. 

Some words of caution

Holidays are when most of us indulge our palates. However, the monsoon is when there are a lot of water-borne diseases doing the rounds. Stay away from street food, and uncovered food, and ensure you only consume purified water. 

The number one cause of travel delays across the world is bad weather. If you are traveling during the rainy season, expect delays and elongated wait times. 

Life is short! Jump in those puddles and drench yourself in the rain. After all, you live only once. What excites you the most when you travel in the monsoon? Do let us know in the comments.