For Indians, the value of enjoying the company of our family and families belonging to our community has been instilled in us for ages. Although technology is bridging gaps like never before, it is important for us to meet up and constantly stay in touch with our neighbours, friends and family, away from the hustle and bustle of social media. This is where community living comes into play.

A community is any space that accommodates several families together. Instead of living by ourselves, we are surrounded by several other families and that adds a sense of togetherness and comfort in our lives. 

Here are a few reasons why you will love community living.

1.Your parents will always have company

Loneliness is one of the leading reasons that seniors in India are becoming increasingly depressed. However, by living within a community, they are surrounded by people their age and can spend their evenings by walking or chatting with their new, relatable friends.

2.Your kids will go out and play

Children these days are extremely consumed by their electronics – so much so that they do not seem to have the time to look up and look around. By living in an apartment community, they will discover the joy of playing around with other kids their age.

3.You can feel safe

If you are living in an independent house that is constantly monitored through CCTV cameras and equipped with high-security locks, you might still feel unsafe if your house is not surrounded by other houses. With community living, that fear is completely removed since every floor houses several families and the entire complex is manned by security personnel.

4.You can carpool

If you live in a gated community with several residents, the chances of a few of them belonging to your work location increases. By carpooling with them, you can save on fuel and also share your otherwise lonely ride with others.

5.You can enjoy the amenities

Most communities now come with amenities like gym, community hall and pools. You can enjoy these without having to spring for individual equipment and infrastructure. In addition to the cost benefits, you can actually destress and unwind every week with the members of your community.