The criteria for a good home are more than just the bare minimum today. People expect several amenities and comforts in the vicinity of their homes. They also need a community that makes their busy lives simpler and safer.

Gated Communities are best for people looking to get everything in one place. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider living in a gated community:

1. Security

Gated Communities are closed off and well-guarded with CCTV monitoring, 24*7 surveillance by security guards and Mygate enabled visitor tracking. Most gated communities use mobile apps that restrict/approve the entry of outside members to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.

2. Kid-friendly

Every resident in a gated community is bound to follow rules inside the facility. Residents must follow the speed limit rules, regulate pets, maintain smoking-free zones in the common area and keep the facility safe and comfortable for other residents, especially the kids of the community.
As a community, kids can engage and grow together with other kids in the community, making it ideal for families to live in.

3. Amenities

Most gated communities today have recreational amenities like gyms with quality equipment and professional trainers, clean and hygienic swimming pools, green parks and meditation areas, sports rooms with adequate facilities, and other clubhouse facilities.
This serves as a one spot for all hobbies and lifestyle activities for everyone.

4. Environment-friendly practices

Gated Communities, as required by regulatory bodies and government authorities, practice environment-friendly measures like segregation of waste, rainwater harvesting, cultivation of plants and greenery, power and water consumption measures, etc. This ensures a sustainable environment for residents in the present and in the future.

5. Well Maintained facilities

Although maintenance fees in Gated Communities are higher than those in standalone buildings, it makes up for it with its well-functioning elevators, clean pathways, stairs and other common areas, door-to-door garbage collection, good sewage systems, wastewater treatment plants, maintenance of recreational facilities, etc.

Living in a Community

All residents in a community maintain conduct and ensure the well-being of the other residents. Celebration of festivals and important days in the community draws people together and builds harmonious culture. Besides, various facilities and amenities in Gated Communities greatly enhance the quality of life and living conditions of its residents.