The property value in gated communities tends to be a lot higher when compared to a non-gated community or standalone building. Some studies have proved that gated communities also enhance the developments of the surrounding areas with more public and private infrastructure advancements.

The reason is that gated communities increase standards of properties overall with their immense advantages and attractive features.

 Here are 5 reasons why buying a home inside a Gated Community is a good choice:

1. Restricted Access

Gated communities are highly guarded and have restricted access to people outside the community. Intercoms or mobile apps are used by every resident in the community to approve the entry of people from outside the community. This ensures that the residents are safe and that their privacy is maintained.

2. Control under the HOA

The property owners have a committee called the House Owners’ Association (HOA) which oversees all activities of the individual properties. The HOA ensures that one owner’s actions do not affect another property. They also ensure that the owners do not get into legal disputes in lieu of such disparities.

3. Lower Crime rates

In gated communities, residents are free to take a walk or go about their everyday activities without needing to worry about their safety. With highly secure infrastructure and surveillance 24*7, the entire community is monitored to ensure unlawful activities like vandalism, theft, harassment, etc. do not occur within the community.

4. Adherence to environmental laws

Most Gated Community properties are constructed by incorporating several environmentally-friendly features like wastewater treatment plants, rainwater harvesting systems, solar-powered lights in common areas, biodegradable compost pits, good tree plantations, etc. This increases the sustainability of the community.

5. Better resale value

The assets of the Gated Communities such as lifts, water treatment plants and supply units, clubhouse facilities, and overall infrastructure are periodically assessed and maintained. This helps the properties to retain the value. The overall development even outside the gated community increases the resale value of the property a few years down the lane.

Effect of Gated Community on Property Value

The overall property value of an area increases due to the gated community for the benefits it holds inside its gates. Completely guarded and secluded from the disturbances of the outside world, a gated community is ideal for someone looking to buy a safe home with great value.